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Placing health at the centre of workplace culture with bocoflex

Never waste a penny of budget again with our global wellness platform, that gives your talent the support and experiences that they deserve

The flexible wellness benefits platform where your talent can own their wellbeing

With diverse workforces we believe that variety is everything. We believe there isn't a wrong way to perceive our wellbeing, just a different way. This means that we must make variety accessible and affordable. Bocoflex does just that

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What makes bocoflex perfect for your people?

Paddling on a Lake

Search thousands of awesome wellness experiences

Your talent can search by category, service or distance to look after themselves in the way they need to & want to each month

App User

Regular personalised wellness recommendations

We learn about the needs & interests of your talent & provide monthly recommendations to assist in their development

Shopping Online

Use the flexible funding how talent want to

With a monthly wellness allowance your talent can use their funds to cover or subsidise their wellness costs

Customer Service

Seamless customer support & dispute management

Customer success representatives are available to assist talent with any system issues or booking disputes as a third party

Sports and Fitness Sale

Spend less with partner discounted services

Bocoflex partners offer discounted services exclusively to bocoflex users each month, giving your talent the best value possible

Credit Card

Relax with your wellness allowance protection

Businesses can roll over their wellness allowances, meaning talent will not lose their allowance if not spent during a month

Why businesses love bocoflex

Budget protection

Your budget is safe on bocoflex, no longer do you need to worry about wasting budget on disinterested and disengaged employees, we only charge on engaged talent  

Scale your offering

No matter your project and the reasons behind it, we have you covered. Bocoflex allows you to scale your project, filter your offering or reward pockets of your organisation, you are in control 


Behaviour reporting & analytics 

Talent are all different and have different motivations to deliver on their workload, we help you understand the behaviours of your talent and how to get the best out of them

Streamline administration

Projects cost time, so we make sure that you don't have to spend a second on operating bocoflex. A click & go service with a customer success helpline and real-time tracking you can monitor in your own time

Centralise healthy culture

Placing health at the centre of workplace culture is our number one priority. Bocoflex aims to create noise in your workplace & build healthy conversation between talent on their new wellness experiences each month

Support everyday wellbeing

You must fit your own mask on an aeroplane before helping others. Workplace Wellbeing works the same way, bocoflex gives talent their Everyday Wellbeing, so they can look after themselves to give their best to you  

Flexibly reward talent

Reward talent the right way, how they wish to. Bocoflex allows businesses to show talent that they have listened to their needs. Talent can search thousands of experiences and opt into how they wish to be rewarded 

Magnify brand & experience

Flexibility is the number 2 reason for an employee to join, stay or leave your business. Bocoflex, a fantastic personalised benefit, magnifies your brand to attract new and retain current talent

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