Workshops are available to book as a one off or in a series and cover the spectrum of wellbeing, they are a fantastic way to kickstart a campaign or conversation. Take away materials are included in all workshops.

Mental health

These topics cover a wide variety that include Men's Mental Health, Midlife Menopower, Understanding low mood, stress and anxiety.  

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These topics range from Gut health & Mental health to Are you a mindful eater? to The truth about detoxing to Nutritional Mythbusters.  

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These topics cover a variety of postural topics including Lower Back Pain Management, Lower Cross Syndrome and The Digital Reframe.

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Rest & recovery

These workshops include topics such as, Learn to Switch Off, The Art of Rest & Digital Hygiene and Reframe Your Mental Wellbeing. 

Day rest

Physical health & fitness 

A subject with lots of topics and recommendations, including Child Obesity & Tips For Parents and The Relationship Between Movement and Our Happiness.  

Running Up