Wellness days

Health, fitness & wellbeing is a complex subject that includes mental, physical, nutritional and emotional wellbeing. People sit in different stages of the behaviour change process, that's where Wellness days come into play. 

Wellness days can be made up of a host of services that are relevant to your demographic of people, that fits your budget, however big or small. These days are great for building awareness and starting conversations about topics. 

Wellbeing workshop

We deliver a variety of wellbeing workshops, covering mental, physical, nutritional & emotional health, carried out by our team of experts. 


Head, neck & shoulder massage

We deliver 20 fifteen minute massages in each day, to help reduce stress and tension and produce moments of calm.


Health assessment

There are 20 fifteen minute health assessments in each day, where users can choose of 5 different consultations. 


Expert advice stands

We deliver advice stands and health professionals of the areas of wellbeing you choose, allowing users to discuss topics informally.