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What is a Proactive Wellbeing Strategy?

A proactive wellbeing strategy focusses on taking preventative measures to avoid future health & wellbeing challenges for the organisation, workforce as a whole and individual employeees.

What is a Wellbeing Engagement Programme?

A Wellbeing Engagement Programme (WEP) is a workplace programme that encompasses both proactive and reactive wellbeing measures to support employees through the behaviour change journey.

Can all employees access the Wellbeing Engagement Programme?

Yes! All employees have access to the Body Corporate Wellbeing Engagement Programme via a personal log in. The Body Corporate Support Team are available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm to assist with any quieries.

Are 1-2-1 services confidential?

Absolutely! All 1-2-1 services are confidential and take place in a private, safe, non-judgemental setting.

Are the Body Corporate Team certified & insured?

Yes! All members of the Body Corporate Team are fully qualified, insured and certified Wellbeing Professionals in their specific field.

I am interested in providing this Wellbeing Engagement Programme for my company, can I trial it?

Absolutely! You can have a 7-day free trial so that you can experience what your employees will experience. To start a free trial, simply head over to