The new year tends to bring new goals, but how do we make damn sure we have the energy to reach those goals?

Small changes can make big progress, so let’s take a moment to consider the nutritional changes we can make, for our bodies to feel at our best.

Now, healthy living doesn’t mean we have to completely eliminate the food and drinks we enjoy from our diet! Nutrition shouldn’t be perceived as this complex topic which involves daily calorie counting, eating less or weighing ourselves more!

“It’s not about restriction and what you take away from your day, it’s what you add that matters”

Nutrition helps improve our physical and mental health, reduces risk of disease and aids in our energy levels.

Consider this, Adults in the UK tend to eat only 2 portions of fruit & veg per day… Yet, this is something that can improve our health and improve energy levels, improve fertility, improve our skin and better our gut health, with almost immediate results! So, how can we add these to our diet without feeling overwhelmed?!

Think about the simple changes we can make to our meals like; adding some tinned tomatoes to our spaghetti bolognaise, swapping our sugary cereal for natural Greek yoghurt and adding some berries!

A healthy diet is not a diet! Put simply… it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle which will leave you feeling supported; physically, mentally and emotionally. Who doesn’t love feeling more energised and with a clear head ready for the day!

Help your Fridge!

Make it easier for yourself. Have the good foods ready! Prep your fruit & veg in a way which looks tempting when you’re hungry. Simply having them prepped ensures a likelihood of them being eaten! Swap your usual refrigerated foods, which bring you zero goodness for colourful nourishments such as peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and berries!

Feel fuller for longer! Add whole grains to your diet, swap sugar for fibre. Think potatoes, nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits and beans.

Make it gradual! Don’t throw yourself into this lifestyle change, we know how easy it is to revert back into our old ways when we eliminate our learned bad habits, entirely. Remember to add, to swap, to prep! There is absolutely no pressure to stop eating or drinking the things you love, the goal is to enjoy them in moderation and in the meantime, learn to enjoy the foods which your body will soon love you for!