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Body Corporate deliver personal coaching, to give you results quickly and effectively.

You receive custom 
exercise programmes
, meal plans, progress trackers & full time coaching accountability, motivation & support.

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Burning fat and feeling 
confident is much easier with the right coaching

We are a team of highly experienced professional personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists and psychologists that apply our knowledge, experience and expertise to your coaching and programmes. We study the behaviours of our users and and their journey's, in order to create the best, most effective and efficient guidance to create healthier people.

How it works 

Complete the quiz

The quiz allows us to learn about you. More specifically your behaviours, habits, barriers & motivations to healthy living. 

Be assigned your coach

Your results are assessed and reported, so that we can match you with the most relevant coach to get you to your results as quickly as possible.  

Download the App

The Body Corporate app is available on iOS and Android, for you to download and use with ease. 

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Work with your coach & plan

Your custom plan will be created by your coach and you will work with your coach each week to progress through it. You talk with your coach (not a robot) through in-app messaging.  

Enjoy your new body and mind

What you have been waiting for! You may have tried every trick in the book to transform your body in the past. This time you will feel happy and confident in your new skin. 

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User feedback

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I have had many fitness coaches over the past 15 years both in London and Los Angeles, hands down my BC coach is the best! Extremely knowledgable and personable. He understands my body and it's specific issues. BC will make you work hard and be honest with yourself, but the results are worth it. I've never felt better or been as fit.

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With my pending wedding a huge motivation, it was important to find a fitness coach who easily understood my goals and was 100% dedicated to helping me achieve them. I like my workouts to be intensive, I have to feel the pinch of hard work.

Body Corporate introduced variety & tailored each session to my specific needs. My coach was incredibly focused on the task at hand! 

I love the results, after 3 months with BC my fitness levels have improved beyond recognition, I have more energy and best of all I have the definition I wanted.  I feel confident and want to continue to train using the tools my coach has given me. 

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I have been an active user of Body Corporate since 2012 and lost 12kg in my first 3 months, I have continued to keep that weight off through working each week with my brilliant coach. 

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I started with Body Corporate in March, with my wedding looming on the horizon in September I explained my goals to my coach and he set me sessions each week that allowed me to really push my body to levels I did not think possible!

The results from March to September were incredible, my wedding photos are testament to the huge efforts that were made and his dedication to helping you to achieve the goals that you set yourself. 

My clothes are looser, my skin is clearer and I feel the fittest I ever have. 

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After trialling Body Corporate and being teamed up with my coach, I worked closely with them to fully prepare me for the London Triathlon, which I successfully completed. I was very happy with my coach and their coaching.  

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Body Corporate have been fantastic, my line of work requires me to stay in shape all year round, my coach keeps me on track and motivated. Each phase of training is carefully prepared and allows me to be human and enjoy foods and events that I like. I highly recommend BC and how they benefit your mental and physical health.

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Transforming your body and mind takes time, but most of all commitment.

Body Corporate users are able to achieve results quickly and efficiently by sticking to their custom programme and having an open and honest relationship with their coach.