PATRIZIA case study

The objective of this partnership, is to increase employee engagement companywide, across UK & Europe, through providing in-house and remote health & wellbeing services to 1000+ employees.  

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Services were carried out in the London office and remotely due to COVID-19. 

Weekly on-site yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions


Wellness days took place to build wellness awareness

Wellness assessments were completed, including physical, mind, nutritional and postural checks. 


Daily fitness classes and stress buster sessions were implemented 

Expert led discussions and workshops were led covering a range of important topics

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An online platform was created when COVID-19 hit, for all employees to access support remotely. 

Cooking classes were delivered remotely to engage employees when apart.

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Daily wellbeing content was created to deliver academia and support to strengthen company culture. 

Sophie Clements

HR Manager

Performing at your peak requires a balance between all aspects of our physical and mental wellbeing. So, we partnered with Body Corporate to bring a health and wellness program to our PATRIZIA London offices. Our employees have had access to a range of services, which were quickly adapted to run virtually when the pandemic hit. This has enabled our staff the opportunity to remain engaged even when working from home. Body Corporate also hosted a ‘Wellness Week’ providing workshops and support, that allowed employees to explore mental health and wellbeing. They are also engaging our staff in 1:1 personal coaching in mental health, mindset, nutrition and exercise, covering all factors that are the foundation stones for wellbeing. The services provided by Body Corporate are a vital support to our ongoing commitment to the performance, health & happiness of our employees at PATRIZIA.