Mind 1-2-1

This service is a subtle entry into mental health coaching. Users are able to book a call with a Chartered Psychologist to work toward improving their mental health. It is suitable for all, those with good mental health, and those with poor mental health. The goal is to be consistent and progress in time. These calls are private, in a safe, confidential space. 

Book a call

Step one is to book a 30 minute call with a Chartered Psychologist.

On a Video Call

Have an assessment

Step two is to have an assessment, this is a calm, entry level assessment to get to know you.  

Online Class

Tasks and challenges

Step 3 your mind 1-2-1 coach will set you tasks and challenges schedule, for you to complete, on the Body Corporate Coaching app. 


Check in

Step 4 your mind 1-2-1 coach will send you in-app messages to check in on you and keep you accountable for your tasks. 

Happy Girl Texting

Step 5

Step 5 allows you to book your next mind 1-2-1 call after 4 weeks. This is where further coaching continues! 

On a Video Call