Health assessment

We engage residents and workplaces through health assessment days, where they can book onto a 15 minute consultation of your choice, to learn about an area of wellbeing important to them. There are 5 choices of health assessment to choose from. 

Postural assessment

Learn about your posture and any muscular imbalances, that may be causing back and joint pain. Corrective plans and recommendations are provided. 

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Cardiovascular assessment

Learn about your cardiovascular fitness, the level of your CV health and how you can improve the health of your heart and lungs. 

Man Working Out

Nutritional assessment

Learn about your nutritional health and how you can improve the choices that you make. Recommendations are provided. 

Person Cooking Healthy Meal

Body fat assessment

Learn about your body, get professionally measured and understand your statistics and how you can improve them.  

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PT surgery 

Discuss any 2 topics that you choose to in an open, calm, confidential space with your health professional.