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A unique solution that supports businesses to engage employees. 

We support employees in their mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing.
Our personal approach allows employees to feel empowered, supported and positive in their behaviour change journey.  

A solution that is inclusive, diverse and human focused.

No two people are the same, neither are their needs. As we are all from different cultures and backgrounds, all employees require different support.

That's why Body Corporate personalise, engages and supports each employee on their behaviour change journey!

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We support your wellbeing strategy by...


Adding onto your business as a strategic partner, to enhance your wellbeing values & initiatives, working with each department.


Advising senior leadership on best practice and action to take, based upon industry knowledge and experience. 


Acting as a confidential 3rd party partner to employees, to build trust & get to understand each employee, whilst providing personalised support.


Working with people that sit in the stages of the behaviour change process that are not yet ready to make positive changes. 


Taking a flexible approach to suit your workplace culture, your business needs and your speed of implementation. 

...and we make sure our set up works for you...

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Denise Martin,
People & Culture Manager

We partnered with Body Corporate to provide a Wellbeing Engagement Programme for our employees. They created and managed the full programme allowing our input particular for our employees’ needs. We had a large uptake and positive feedback from all aspects of the programme including health awareness and education including stress management and the wellness day and as well as sessions to maintain mental and physical health. Above all they helped our employees become more self-aware about their own health which we see as vital to keep a strong workplace culture and team morale.I would recommend Body Corporate’s programme to any businesses who are looking to support the mental and physical health of their employees in particular those who do not actively engage their health.

Sophie Smalley,
Rewards & Recognition Manager

We appointed Body Corporate to implement wellness programmes for employees at Burberry in London. They offered a wide range of services such as fitness classes and health assessments. They provided experiences of the highest quality. They made my life easier! Services were always full and we consistently had requests for more which is a great sign. Overall, partnering with Body Corporate helped us in being an employer of choice and that made our people healthier and happier than ever!

Sophie Clements,
HR Manager

Performing at your peak requires a balance between all aspects of our physical and mental wellbeing. So, we partnered with Body Corporate to bring a health and wellness program to our PATRIZIA London offices. Our employees have had access to a range of services, which were quickly adapted to run virtually when the pandemic hit. This has enabled our staff the opportunity to remain engaged even when working from home. Body Corporate also hosted a ‘Wellness Week’ providing workshops and support, that allowed employees to explore mental health and wellbeing. They are also engaging our staff in 1:1 personal coaching in mental health, mindset, nutrition and exercise, covering all factors that are the foundation stones for wellbeing. The services provided by Body Corporate are a vital support to our ongoing commitment to the performance, health & happiness of our employees at PATRIZIA.

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