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Differentiate your residences by providing health & wellbeing services to tenants.

We help institutional landlords differentiate their residences by supporting the mental & physical wellbeing of their tenants. 

Residential wellbeing benefits keep tenants happy, supported and opting to stay longer. 

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We help landlords to...

Attract new residents

Attracting new residents by offering health & wellbeing services, adding value to their residence

Retain current residents

Retaining existing residents through continuously supporting their physical and mental health.

Manage the entire offering

Managing the complete offering, with no further work or staff requirements to the building.

Increasing revenue

Adding an optional hassle free, revenue stream to their properties. 

Build a community

Building a strong, friendly, health focussed community who enjoy living in their residences.

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Case study

Landlord: Nightclub

Purpose: Added revenue stream

Project: To create, implement and manage a new fitness studio concept that would operate in closed hours at the nightclub.

The concept would need to replicate the nightclub brand and be a fully managed service. 

What did we do...


Designed a boutique fitness studio, that operates with moveable larger equipment  


Created a set up where heavier equipment is caged and cushioned, used as seats for the nightclub hours


Converted unused storage rooms into shower rooms, next to the existing toilets 


Created and managed a class schedule that represented the holistic feeling of the venue


Laid a multi-use flooring to be used for daytime fitness and night time dancefloor.

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