Factory 45 case study

To create a moveable fitness concept in a multi-use venue, that runs as a health and fitness space in the daytime, alongside a co-working space and being a hospitality venue in the evening for events, as a bar and nightclub.    


A studio was created by laying studio flooring, separator curtains from the co-working space.

Studio mirrors were placed along one side of the building. All equipment selected was moveable to flip the space to a late night bar. 


Industrial style lockers were placed alongside one wall to separate storage space and the studio.

The bar served waters, juices and hot drinks for after services. 

yoga factory.png

A complete fitness schedule was created and implemented to fit in with the Factory 45 brand, that combined mind & body movements, with yoga & mindfulness, animal flow and meditation practices. Additionally, boutique HIIT classes. 

Thibault Bouquet 

Factory 45 Owner

We partnered with Body Corporate to deliver a fitness studio into our co-working space to give our members access to fitness studios, including classes, personal & small group training and mindfulness sessions. The team at Body Corporate were efficient, delivered services to a very high standard and have a ‘go above and beyond’ attitude for
clients. I liked that they were always thinking of new ideas, services, and campaigns to attract new audiences. Overall, we are extremely happy with our partnership with Body Corporate and we would recommend them to others.