Burberry case study

The objective of this partnership, is to increase employee engagement to the UK headquarters, through providing in-house health & wellbeing services to 1800+ employees.  


Services were carried out across 2 sites in London and retail stores across the capital.   

Weekly yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions were carried out by flipping the conference room into a studio, after hours. 


Quarterly wellness days took place to build wellness awareness across the headquarters. 

Monthly health assessment days were completed, including physical, mind, nutritional and postural checks. 


Daily fitness classes and stress buster sessions were in dead spaces, conference rooms and outdoors.  

Monthly head, neck and shoulder days were implemented to release stress and tension. 


Sophie Smalley

Rewards & Recognition  Manager

We appointed Body Corporate to implement wellness programmes for employees at Burberry in London. They offered a wide range of services such as fitness classes and health assessments. They provided experiences of the highest quality. They made my life easier! Services were always full and we consistently had requests for more which is a great sign. Overall, partnering with Body Corporate helped us in being an employer of choice and that made our people healthier and happier than ever!